From offshore oil and gas companies to equipment manufacturers, to advertising agencies and 3D production studios, we worked on a diverse array of projects that honed our skills.

We have all the technical and artistic know how required to deliver the highest quality and have the experience of working with clients worldwide.




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3D modeling

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Ali Ismail
Founder, CG Supervisor

Tariq Mukahal
CG Artist

Ahmad Al-Asl
CG Artist


Jaafer El-Sadiq

CG Artist

Suleiman Zhukov

CG Artist




E-mails and form submissions without portfolios and work samples will not be considered. We are not interested in any certificates or university degrees, we are only interested in What You Can Do! To learn about applying to CG studios in general please check: Careers and Education in 3D Animation.


 Living in Jordan

Ebal Studios offer unique opportunities, you will be able to work on high quality productions, rub shoulders with experienced artists from some of the top animation and VFX studios, which will translate into improvement as an artist, and acquiring new skills. All in a friendly environment full of creativity.

Whatever the discipline or tool you use, if you live here, we want to know you! we are sure that at some point or another we will work as a team

When applying, please send a link to your latest work, even for interns, you need to show a portfolio.

If you are interested in learning 3D animation in Jordan please read this blog: Studying 3D Animation in Jordan.

We have also compiled a list of all other places you can apply to locally: 3D Animation Studios in Jordan.

Living outside Jordan

At the moment we can't issue any work permits; so we can't bring you in to Amman :( But! since you've already arrived here, please feel free to send in your reel; and if the situation changes or if there is anything we can work on remotely we will get in touch.

Not to make you feel left out, we've written a quick article on freelancing and freelancing remotely: Freelance 3D Artists.


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Note: we wish each and every one of you out there all the best of luck with everything, if we do not reply; this does not necessarily mean that your work is not of the right caliber of quality, it most likely means that as a small team of artists, we might not have had the time to send you a proper reply.

All potential candidates contacts are stored on file to get in touch with you if the chance comes up. Thank you.