3D Animation Studios and Companies in Amman, Jordan

Published: 20 March, 2017

By Ali Ismail

Ok, If you are a 3D artist looking for work, or maybe you are an advertising agency or a corporate needing a 3D animation service, and you are looking for a place in Amman that does 3D animation and computer graphics, this is for you.

But wait! before I start listing it, please understand that the number of professional 3D studios in Amman is extremely small to say the least, other than architecture and some motion graphics there is very little demand for quality 3D animations. To be quite honest with you, if you are a 3D artist looking for work and you want to one day produce really high quality content and take your skills to the next level, we suggest that you try to do like we do at Ebal Studios, which is work in the league of the very best and compete internationally. But thats a different topic which you can see about in here: 3D Animation Careers, and Studying 3D Animation in Jordan.

Without further ado, animation studios in Jordan list:

- Ebal Studios! www.ebalstudios.com

We are not going to leave ourselves out!

This studio has the nicest and coolest crew you will ever find (of course!). When they are not playing Rocket League they can pull an amazing visual effects shot or model a super detailed 3D model.

3D animation, VFX, CG images, game assets, on-line tutorials.

- Trixel Studios www.trixelcg.com

Training Facility that also makes 3D architectural projects and have a good render farm. They are only few blocks away from our office.

- Digital Realism www.digitalrealismstudios.com

3D animations and VFX.

- Gilgamesh Studio www.gilgameshstudio.com

3D animated cartoon series.

- Simlab Soft www.simlab-soft.com

3D Software Development.

- Mixed Dimensions www.mixeddimensions.com

3D Software Development.

- ICAD Productions www.icadproductions.com

TV Commercials.

- Clicks it www.clicks-it.com

Medical Animations.

- Void Studioz www.voidstudioz.com

Architecture and 2D animation.

- Omni Plan www.omniplan.me


- Curl Stone Entertainment www.curlstone.com

2D animation.

- Sketch in Motion www.sketchinmotion.com

2D Animation

- AppsLab www.appslab.net

Mobile games.

- Rababa Games WWW.RababaGames.com

Mobile games.

- Tamatem www.tamatem.co

Mobile games.

- Mays Al Ward www.maysalward.com

Mobile games.

- Corner of Art www.cornerofart.net

- Maxen 3D www.maxen3d.com

- Al Waseela Productions www.waseela.tv

The CG community here in Amman is really small, If you are looking to for someone to make a 3D animation for you and are not happy with what you found here; why not hire someone over the Internet? this article over here could help: Where to Find 3D Artists

I had left out purely architectural offices and freelancers which there are more than plenty of.

You can check out TV stations like Roya and other channels for motion graphics jobs.

You could also check advertising agencies for possible opportunities.

Getting on the list

To add your studio please make a comment or send us an E-mail, I've tried my best but I might have missed out on a few.