3D Printing Services in Jordan

Published: 22 March, 2017

By Ali Ismail,

Where can I find a 3D printing shop in Amman or in Jordan in General?

No worries, we've got you covered!

Sometimes we need a large volume of 3D prints so we end up collaborating with our colleagues in the city, although there are a lot of challenges in importing the equipment, a few brave ones have made it through! I will list here all the ones I could find.


- You can always check 3DHubs to find new local vendors.

- Higher costs of 3D printers in Jordan due to difficulties in importing them, import and sales taxes or low volume of production could mean that it might be cheaper to print at the best and most cost effective 3D printer you can find globally at 3DHubs or by using Shapeways and shipping it back here using something like Shop & Ship. It all depends on the volume and what you are looking for.


-Printie 3D www.printie3d.com

-3rd Dimension Prints www.3rddimensionprints.com

-TCI www.3d-tci.com

-Mikro Electron www.mikroelectron.com

-Geo Clone www.facebook.com/geoclone

-Sky 3D Printing www.facebook.com/SKY3dPrinting

-3D Mena www.facebook.com/3Dmena

-3RD REALITY www.facebook.com/thirdrealityjo

-OBAID Printing www.facebook.com/Uni4Print

-Noor Awadh 3D Hub

-Shomar 3D Hub


-Ahmad 3D Hub


-3D Print Jo www.3dprintjo.com

As usual, if I forgot to add your shop or you are new to the biz, just E-mail me or make a comment and I will add you in!

Happy 3D printing :)