List of 3D Artists in Jordan

Published: 23 March, 2017

By Ali Ismail

I am creating here a list of all professional 3D artists I know of who are living in Jordan, This list is most certainly not complete because although the CG community here is small; I can't know each and every one out there, but nonetheless I believe this with time will eventually be a good representation of the artists we have here.


- This list is reserved to 3D art, maybe later we could incorporate something for 2D or different art forms but for now we are focusing on 3D

- Only professional 3D artists please, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should be employed, it just means you art work is at a certain level of quality or higher.

- You have to have a website or on-line portfolio at a site similar to artstation or behance, even If I know you personally and you have been running circles around John Lasseter, if you don't have a website to show your work, you don't get on the list!

- There is a large number of architects, 3D artists doing architecture or interior designers, and usually it's hard to tell which elements they created or used from a premade library. We have been very selective and avoided adding this category unless it had exceptional quality.

- We will avoid making a very long list, I am aiming for something not bigger than 20 or 30 names, if we ever reach that point, I will start removing anyone whose quality is not measuring up.


- Ali Ismail

Ebal Studios founder, former ILM artist, worked for LucasArts and Pixomondo. Have experience on everything from high-end movie VFX to games and animated commercials.

Generalist/CG Supervisor/Vehicles | |

- Rakan Khamash

Character Artist.

- Rami Ramahi

Character Artist.

- Murad Abujaish

3D Generalist/Look Development Artist |

- Ahmad Turki

3D Texturing/Shading and Lighting Artist

- Karam Al Nazer

Character Artist.

- Mohannad Hussam

Character Artist.

Eyad Hussein

Rigging and technical TD

- Wajdy Farhan

Rigging and technical TD and Unity technical artist.

- Alla Abu Hanish


- Saif Al Atrash

Generalist & Unity.

- Amal Sharara

Character Artist.

- Ruslan Boulad

Character Artist.

- Zaid Haroon

Character Artist.

- Omar Sukkarieh


- Amer Abidi

Architecture. One of the first to do 3D animation and renders on a professional level in Jordan.

- Mohammad Abu Zaid


- Khaled Alkayed


- Mirdad Nasta


- Salsbeel AbdelFattah


- Jaafer El Sadig


- Abdurrahman Zhukov

3D Animator, keep following this guy, I believe he will become one of the best animators around!

If you didn't get on the list please e-mail me or make a comment and I will add you in If the quality level matches what's in here.