Unity Spaceships Collection

These are a group of low polygon real-time models we have created and put up on the Unity asset store. You can see from the quality of our work on other projects that we can actually do a lot more detailed models, but this particular collection has been made for mobile games efficiency.


If you have purchased any of our assets on the Unity asset store or downloaded our free ones; we would like to thank you immensely! The section below is to help answer any questions you might have, if there is still something we left out or you need further assistance with, please feel free to contact us.

For a 3rd party review of this collection please visit Union Asset Review.

-Modular Spaceships Collection

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Can I use the assets I purchased in my commercial game? Yes and that includes our free models as well.

- Can I change or modify the models to fit my game? Absolutely.

- Do I need to add you in the credits of my game? No, But we wouldn't exactly mind it if you did :) .

- Are these models mobile compatible? Yes, but don't take our word for it, download the free sample and test it yourself.

- Do you have a 2D version of these ships? No

- Why aren't the PSD textures included? we textured those assets in substance painter and we never created a Photoshop file, the substance files are huge and are so complicated and challenging to understand that we spared you from the mess.

- How can I have more colors for the modules, or a higher texture resolution and are you planning to create more space shooter game related assets? This depends on how many requests we receive, please leave a review at our modular spaceships collection Unity page and if we receive enough requests for a certain feature or asset we will make it happen.

- Can you make custom content for my game? Absolutely! but we will charge you based on an hourly rate just as we would with any client, so it's going to be considerably more expensive than anything you can find on the asset store.