Where To Find 3D Artists

Published: 16 February, 2017

By Ali Ismail

Ok, so let's say for whatever reason you need some 3D renders, an animation or models. You could be working in an advertising agency and need some illustrations for a catalog, or maybe you are developing a game and need some in-game assets, or a tendering manager in an offshore oil and gas company, and really want to secure that contract by doing a fancy animation to show your process, or one out of a zillionth possibilities that make you need a 3D artist or team of artists.

3D art is found across almost all business categories, studios and artists like ourselves find it actually hard to decide what niche to specialize in and market to. Whatever your reasons are, since you are here maybe we can help you!

To find 3D artists and studios you have many options, but let's break it into 2 main categories:

1- Make a Job Post

Of course, you knew that already, but where should you post it? below are some of the websites you can use:

- CG Feedback Jobs Forum, far from being the busiest hub, this website though has some of the best admins & moderators which made me include it first.

- CGSociety Recruitment, in this one here, you could find the biggest quantity of artists, the forum rules though are; you must have a company E-mail (something other than Gmail, Yahoo, etc..) and you must be posting for a job in-house, not remote freelance.

Evermotion Jobs Forum, a place mainly for architectural visualizations , but 3D skills are interchangeable and you could find some artists who do more than architecture.

- Polycount Freelance, Polycount Jobs, a place mainly for game artists

- Unity Forums, to find game artists or unity related positions.

- 3D Total Jobs Forum


- Behance Job List, not too many 3D jobs are listed there, but I am sure you could find a few 3D artists.

- Shapeways, 3D printing artists.


Paid options:

- ArtstationAFJV, CreativeHeads


Freelancing community websites

If all what you want is a quick render or model with no high quality requirements, you can go with one of these websites:

Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, GuruCGTrader, Freelancers3D, Fiverr

Generally speaking though, we, like most professional studios or freelancers working on bigger projects and quality productions, do not use websites like freelancer or Upwork.


2- Go Hunting!

I- You can easily find artists in their playgrounds and places they frequent to show-off (i.e., Galleries), using search features; you can easily lookup a specific category, tag or style.

Important: When browsing a gallery, if it had a mix of 2D and 3D artwork, please make sure to filter 3D only if you are after a 3D artist.

Some of the most popular websites are:

Behance, CGSociety, ArtStation and 3D Total

II- Google search. If you prefer to work with a local studio, you can make a specific search such as "Animation studios in Oslo", or you could try your luck in searching for very specific terms to find results related to what type of animation or image your are looking for.

When you are the one looking up an artist, it's very likely he or she is either employed or busy with a project or a client, so just to make sure; find a few artist not only one.

E-mail the artists/studios in a personalized manner, or at least don't send a massive E-mail to all potential artists listed.

Include an end note in the E-mail that if they cannot take the project, you will kindly appreciate any referrals.

III-3D models stores, if what you need is a 3D modeling service or simple renders, you could try looking up 3D content similar to what you want; then contacting the artist or studio who created it.

For Example: if you want to model or render a 3D vessel model, you can go to turbosquid, and search for vessel, browse around, if you come across a model like this one, you could see the author is Ebal Studios, a quick google search of Ebal Studios would get you to our website. 

Some of these model stores are:

- 3DMDB, searches all of the 3D model stores in one click.

- CG Trader, it is straight forward to find the artists contacts here.

- Turbosquid, this website puts a lot of effort into obscuring the artists, this is why you would have to look up the author name in Google to find them.

- Sketchfab, can be good if what you need is a real-time model.

IV- Youtube or Vimeo, searching there can be somewhat time consuming, but if you need a 3D animation, it might help to see if someone had already done something similar or maybe a tutorial on the subject and to contact them directly.

Hiring and working with anyone for the first time has it's challenges, but hopefully once you have a good working relationship with a studio or an artist you trust, you wouldn't have to keep looking for artists.

If you have any questions, or links or ideas you think I should add; please feel free to get in touch. You could of course always contact us if you have a 3D project you need help with!