Jordan's 3D Animation, Computer Graphics and 3D Gaming Resource.

Ali Ismail, Founder and CG Supervisor of Ebal Studios.

I've been in the 3D Industry in Jordan and internationally since about the year 2002, I am making here a resource for all 3D animators and the local CG community to find all the information they need.

From the students and people I meet here; I feel these blogs can really be valuable especially if you are starting out your way. 

Stay tuned for updates and please help spread the word by sharing the links. Good luck with everything.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve" Napoleon Hill

Arabic Articles

We will be translating a few of those articles into Arabic, in all of the Arabic versions, please forgive us for the bad punctuation and not mixing English words with the articles, but we are having some technical issues.

You can reach our articles in Arabic here.