Offshore Oil, Gas & Energy Technical Visualizations & 3D Animation

Offshore oil and gas refers to the exploration, drilling, extraction and all various operations related to oil and gas located below the ocean seabed or anything which has to do with oil and gas underwater.

The term offshore energy is a much broader one that can encompass renewable energy located offshore such as wind farms and turbines. All operations such as dredging or the laying out of cables and pipes can fall into the overarching word "offshore". On many occasions, our clients' same equipment or vessels can perform multiple functions and roles.

How 3D Renders and Animation Can Help?

Similar to Industrial 3D animations and renders, the offshore industry can benefit from CG images and visuals in marketing new products and services, training staff, proposals to clients and investors or design and previsualizations.

Ebal Studios is already familiar with most of the terms and procedures used in the industry, we have modeled many types of existing vessels, and have firsthand knowledge of working with experienced engineers from places like Sea Trucks Group.

We are very proud as well to know that our 3D models and assets have been used over the years by most industrial visualization and offshore 3D animation Studios.

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